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Installing the Freebooksy app on Facebook

It took me a while to figure out how to do this, so I thought I would share, and save someone else the hair-pulling (just kidding, sort of).

How to install the Freebooksy App

1. Search on freebooksy app
3. Click on Get the App!
4. Tell it to put it on your author/fan page. For me that’s
5. Okay, go to your author/fan page and make sure you are using it as the author, not from your personal profile.
6. Scroll down and find the app on the left-hand side. It will say “Read My Book Author App.” Click on it.
7. A new page will open. Click on Edit profile. Enter the information it asks for and upload a photo.
8. Then you will give it the ISBN numbers for your books for sale on Amazon. You enter them one by one, and it finds them, and bingo, there they are.
9. Go back and edit each book one by one, and clean up the weird things in the descriptions (like “’” sprinkled here and there instead of an apostrophe). I found that I could add some basic HTML, to divide the text into paragraphs and italicize titles. And if you don’t like the way your publisher described your book, this is your chance to change that description.
10. You can also add a link to read the first chapter if you want. For my picture book, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Arizona, I put a link to one of the two-page spreads in the book,, and that worked fine.
11. When you are done with your book entries, you might want to reorder your titles. Edit the book, and enter a number in the “Book Order” field at the bottom.
12. Once you’ve entered all your books, you have the opportunity to add details about an upcoming event or book signing.
13. Then click on manage tabs, and drag the Author App from its left-hand side up to the second or third position.
14. All right, you might not want it to say “Author app” at the top of your page. You can change the name to something like “Buy books here.” Click on the down arrow by the More tab near your banner.
15. Click on Add or Remove Tabs
16. Click on the freebooksy app, and then click Edit Settings. Now you can type in a new name for the app/tab.
17. You’re done!
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